Abstract Submission Deadline: April 15, 2022

Notification of Paper acceptance and Scientific Program Date: April 29, 2022

Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University 8th Science Days Congress will be held online on 9-11 May 2022.


The official language of 8th Science Days is Turkish and English. Abstracts should be uploaded in Turkish or English.


Those who register for the program and participate in at least 50% of the all sessions will be given a "certificate of participation".


We meet again at the 8th conference of the traditional Science Days of Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will organize our conference in 2022, ONLINE.

We will be very happy to listen to the Oral/Poster papers of scientists at our 8th Science Days conference, which will be held on 9-11 May 2022. The conference will feature current topics in health, science and social sciences, the accepted papers presented in Oral&Poster sessions will be published in the conference book.

It is pleasured to invite you to the 8th Science Days conference in which every aspect of health, science and social sciences will be discussed. We would like to thank you in advance of for your valuable contributions and participation.

Important note: If requested by the authors, the selected papers by the Congress Science Board will be entitled to be published in full text after the peer review in the Yeni Yuzyil Journal of Medical Sciences.

Our Mission and Goal: Science Days ∞
With Best regards...

On behalf of the Organizing Committee




Prof. Dr. Ersi Abacı KALFOĞLU

Prof. Dr. Günseli SÖNMEZ İŞÇİ

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kadriye KIZILBEY

Assist. Prof. Dr. Suna ŞAHİN


Prof. Dr. Ayşegül TOPAL SARIKAYA

Prof. Dr. Emir TAN

Prof. Dr. Demir BUDAK

Prof. Dr. Haluk İŞERİ

Prof. Dr. İmer OKAR

Prof. Dr. H. Cüneyt ULUTİN

Prof. Dr. Ömer BENDER

Prof. Dr. Aysel AZİZ

Prof. Dr. Celal ERBAY

Prof. Dr. İsmet Vildan ALPTEKİN

Prof. Dr. Suat Nazmi ÖZTURNA

Prof. Dr. Mine KÜÇÜKER

Prof. Dr. Tülay İREZ

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Fatih YAVUZ

Prof. Dr. Servet ARMAĞAN

Prof. Dr. Necla AKDAĞ GÜNEY

Prof. Dr. Meriç KARACAN

Prof. Dr. Hafız Hulusi ACAR

Prof. Dr. Gül BAKTIR

Prof. Dr. Asiye NURTEN

Prof. Dr. Halis DOKGÖZ

Prof. Dr. Şevki SÖZEN

Prof. Dr. Funda ELMACIOĞLU

Prof. Dr. Akif İNANICI

Prof. Dr. Hüsniye DOĞRUMAN

Prof. Dr. Resul İZMİRLİ

Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÜNAL

Prof. Dr. Ö. Rona TURANLI

Prof.Dr. Gökhan MALKOÇ

Prof.Dr. Sevim CESUR

Prof. Dr. Mehmet SAĞBAŞ

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Selahattin KÜÇÜK

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ertan GÜDEKLİ

Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Şefik KÖPRÜLÜ

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ş. Şebnem ÖZCAN

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serra İ. ÇELEBİ

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akın USTA

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hüdayi SAYIN

Assist. Prof. Dr. Erol ÜLGEN

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayten ARIKAN

Assist. Prof. Dr. Elif ŞAHİN

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nurten DAYIOĞLU

Assist. Prof. Dr. Esra DEMİRBAŞ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Gavril PETRİDİS

Assist. Prof. Dr. Celal KIZILDELİ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sezen CANIM ATEŞ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Safiye İrem DİZDAR

Assist. Prof. Dr. A. Aykutalp AKDAĞ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ümran ÖZBALCI ARİA

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nergiz KARADAĞ ÖZGÜN

Assist. Prof. Dr. Volkan KAYMAZ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Pelin YANTUR

Assist. Prof. Dr. Şakir ALTINSOY

Assist. Prof. Dr. Beyrul CANBAZ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Öğr.Üyesi Erhan AKARÇAY

Assist. Prof. Dr. Perihan EREN BANA

Assist. Prof. Dr. Şeyda SAYDAMLI

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tahsin Aykan KEPEKLİ


Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sunay YAVUZ

Prof. Dr. Emel Hülya YÜKSELOĞLU

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Itır ERKAN

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nurcan HAMZAOĞLU

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sevil ÖZER

Assist. Prof. Dr. Diyadin Can

Assist. Prof. Dr. Duygu BUĞA

Assist. Prof. Dr. Taner GÜVEN

Instructor Sotiri KALFOĞLU


Res. Assist. Serhan ŞAHİNLİ

Caner AVCI


8th Science Days conference focuses on the fascinating all original, academic studies from the fields of Health, Science and Social Sciences and so on.



Dear Participants,

Abstract Submission Deadline: April 15, 2022
Notification of Acceptance and Scientific Program Date: April 29, 2022

Instructions for Preparation of Abstracts

- Abstracts should be written in Turkish or English.

1. The title and text typeface of the papers should be written in Times New Roman, 12 points and the papers should be written with a 1.5 line spacing.
2. The name of the authors should be under the title, the name of the author who will present the paper oral should be underlined, and the institution information (University/ Faculty) should be specified.
3. Abstracts should be written with a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 250 words. At least 3 keywords must be added.
4. Submitted Abstracts which are accepted and presented during the conferece will be published in the Abstract Booklet.
5. It is necessary to pay attention to spelling errors. No changes will be made to the proceedings, as they will be published. All responsibilites will belong to the authors.

Click here for the Turkish Abstract Template.
Click here for the English Abstract Template.

Please Note That:

- Members of the Scientific Committee of the Conference will be able to request corrections from the author of the paper if it is needed.
- The Scientific Committee of the Congress will make the final decision on whether the accepted papers should be accepted as posters or oral presentations. The final decision will be announced on the participiant accounts. In order to the abstact evaluation by committe, at least one of the participants must register before the the deadline for submitting papers, April 15, 2022.

Oral Presentation Guideline:

- Oral Presentations are scheduled 10 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for Questions&Answers
* It is kindly requested that the presentation times are not exceeded.
- Oral presentations will be made by one of the authors who has been notified to the congress organization through powerpoint etc. programs on the days and hours of the announced session.


Click here for Turkish Poster Template.
Click here for English Poster Template.